Khurasan 6mm Tanks and APCs!

Nearly a decade ago, when I was doing Reaper CAVs and vehicles by the fistful, I made the Centipede APC. I got my wires crossed, and did a tracked vehicle instead of a wheeled armored transport. So, the design was archived, seemingly never to see the light of day.

Then, a UK gentleman in India named Jonathan Shaw contacted me on doing a miniatures line for his company on the Subcontinent, a charitable business that helped impoverished folks by providing work on prepainted minis.

I was intrigued, and carved up the old Centipede design into a new hull, new turret, and kept the same tread units (since they're a royal pain to do). I whipped up a gatling from my spare parts file, grafted it on there, and sent it off to a service bureau I hadn't heard of, called, at Mr. Shaw's request. I called it the Brick Tank, and it was just a commercial sample to see if it would work for him.

Well, that project never went anywhere (not Mr. Shaw's fault, he was a good bloke to work with, things just didn't work out), but it did introduce me to Moddler, which has been great. But here I was, with two tanks that no one wanted. I put them on my store at Shapeways, but they never met with great sales.

Jon at Khurasan approached me about taking over the rights to the designs. I figured why not, and agreed, but only on the condition that he let me update the tired designs that started back in 2003 or so.

So, I kept the slabby, powerful look of the Brick APC and Tank, but modified them. Hard edges were beveled. Radii added to update the looks. New details to take advantage of new prototyping resolution. And parts compatibility with his existing products, so the new tanks and APCs could interchange their parts with future offerings, like the Nova Respublik tanks and APCs I had just done at the time.

All was right with the world. Then, Jon asked for 6mm versions. So I did. A little hacking, a little fusing to make multi-part kits into single hulls and turrets, and wha-lah, here's a new 6mm product line based on 15mm scale models. They've turned out very nicely, and I think they're just the first of many new offerings to come from Khurasan. This first batch is from (in Jon's proposed universe) an independant arms contractor on New Australia, which sells arms and armament to numerous factions, so they aren't tied to one particular organization. A great basis for a 6mm mercenary or planetary defense militia armored battalion.




Sergeant Crunch said…
I saw the picture on another blog and thought that the hull looked like your work. Good stuff!
John Bear Ross said…
I appreciate it, sir. There's a few more pics I have of the 15mm stuff these are fused, scaled-down versions of, but I'll wait until they get offered.

Wolfdawg said…
I miss the gatling version..
John Bear Ross said…

Not to worry. The gatling tank is still there, in its updated form. It's product code is "TTC6-goanna2."

Go to...


and it should be there.

Dallas Walker said…
John, these are way cool minis man!

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