Monday, March 7, 2011

Rebel's Comanche M-ATV, WIP Part 4

Here's the part that puts the "fighting" in armored fighting vehicle, and caps off our 4-part WIP series on the Rebel Comanche M-ATV.


As previously stated, I wanted a nice mix of weapons that have stood the test of time, as well as weapons that will still be around (hopefully) 10 or 20 years from now.

So, from top to bottom, here they are...

1. The M-240G, descended from the FN MAG 58.
2. The Mk.47 Striker 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher, the newest of the bunch
3. The everlovin' queen of battle, the M-2HB Ma Deuce, in .50 BMG
4. The M-134 Gatling, put out by Dillon Aero.

I also did a cupola that fits over the gunner's hatch. This will be a similar feature found on other hulls planned for this frame. Here are some close-up shots of that, along with an ammo can with exposed cartridges...

Here are the M-2HB and M-134 on display, next to the ammo can.

And here are some closeups of the cupola with the Mk.47 and M-240G.

I also, with Mike's feedback, put in some wheel wells to fill in the gaps left between the top hull and the frame underneath. These modifications are digital, and might show up on the next generation of hull printout.

Detailing wasn't too important, just the suggestion of shocks that will be covered by the large tires, but filling in that gap was the goal. So, I did. We'll see if things allow us to slip this in during remolding.
Well, that was the Comanche MATV, now available from Rebel Minis. Enjoy!

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