Sunday, February 6, 2011

1/100th Scale Comparison: VF-1S Valkyrie, F-15, and A-10 Kits

I bought a Toynami VF-1S Roy Fokker Valkyrie box set a few years ago at the San Diego Comic-Con. It's admittedly, a toy, but still very nicely detailed, and is able to transform into all three modes of fighter, gerwalk, and battloid.

It's sat in the garage since I brought it home, only being transformed a handful of times, and spending most of its time on the shelf gathering dust.

Selling my mill got me rifling through all the assorted detritus sitting on those shelves, and I brought the VF-1S down from its place of neglect.

Coincidentally, I bought an pair of 1/100th scale Revell kits, an A-10 and F-15, today at the local art store for my son and I. They were prepainted, snap-together kits, but he had a good time putting them together, along with his custom CAV.

I've taken pics of the two real-world planes sized up next to the venerable (and fictional) VF-1S Valkyrie. Here's how the old Macross warhorse sized up...

Not too bad, in the big scheme of things...but can your precious Strike Eagle or Warthog do this!?!?!

*slide up the 'G' button*

Yeah, that's what I thought! ;)

More 1:100th/15mm Scale goodness inbound over the next week. Stand by...


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