Saturday, January 1, 2011

What Dreams Might Still Come...

I do a lot of work for a lot of clients. Some are established, others hoping to become so. I know that most of us do this miniatures thing as a labor (or labour, for you limey types) of love. Sometimes real life gets in the way, though, and some work never sees the light of day. Here's a little review of some past work I did that hopefully will show itself someday, perhaps this new year...

As far as real life getting in the way, it's happened to me a number of times, having to put the sculpting aside while I work through issues. It can happen to clients as well, unfortunately.

Here's a few builds that were done a number of years ago. 2008 for the Moonfleet work, 2006 for the Ursa Major Saenz and Fletcher units.

Moonfleet Minis is a UK-based manufacturer that had to put things on the back burner for a while, due to hospital issues according to his site, though I have seen recent signs of stirring. I did a number of 15mm scale dual-use civilian an military hover vehicles for him, though his troubles popped up before he was able to offer them for sale. They were a great set of hover vehicles, with common hover skirts in different sizes topped by a variety of hulls. An APC, Combat Flatbed, Medium Tank, and hovertruck were the result of this modular system.

A great little civilian hovercar also was the result of this work, one which could be used as a civilian, police, or paramilitary car.

The Saenz Heavy MBT was a (perhaps the) prime early example of the 15mm science fiction renaissance that has surged in the last few years. Ursa Major Minis, headed by Bungle over at Frothers, hopes to put this in production someday, along with its companion piece, the Fletcher MICV. Ursa Major Minis' fledgling website can be found here...

It's been a few years since these builds were done. Rapid Prototyping has made huge strides in cost and detail since the years these were first commissioned. The beauty of digital files is that older-style builds can be reworked, clunkier printouts can be remeshed and reprinted for far cheaper rates, and what is old can be remade new again.

I'm more than willing to work with clients to make them happy, and have often gone out of my own pocket to make builds get to market. I like seeing my work offered to the public, and consider myself to have an investment in my clients' success. Without them, I'm just some moron with a blog.

If and when these come to market, I'll be sure to let you folks know.

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