Monday, January 31, 2011

Great Sale For Critical Mass Games Stuff


Just wanted to pass on the good news about Craig and Dale of Critical Mass Games' sale going on for the month of February, along with some of my personal favorites among their product line. Of course, I'm biased, since a couple of them are mine, but there's also a lot of PF's mercenaries and Phil Lewis's Arc Fleet troopers sculpts that I love.

Anyway, on to their smokin' deals...

20% off all infantry packs.

15% off all Buildings and Accessories.

15% off all Single Vehicles

10% off all Vehicle Platoon Deals

And free worldwide postage throughout February for all orders over 20 British Pounds.

That's pure awesome-nicity, right there...

P.S. Just to put my money where my mouth is, I just ordered a nice-sized order from their website. 3 walkers and scads of infantry and mercs. I can't wait.
P.P.S: Blogger, I hate your random ability to lose half a post's worth of typing over and over again for no reason. Fix your cut-and-paste defect, and that damn "auto-insert extra lines" defect everytime I add a picture. GhaaaaHHHH!!! Oh well. Off to bed.
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