Saturday, January 15, 2011

4-Axis Taig CNC For Sale

EDIT: Machine is sold. Thanks, everybody, for looking.

Well, it was time to upgrade my prototyping equipment, so I put my 4-Axis Taig CNC benchtop mill up for sale through Craigslist. It sold, so these pics are just here now for posterity's sake...

Here are some detailed pics...

Here was the whole kit and kaboodle...

The laptop running DeskProto and Mach 3 software.

The software USB dongle for the DeskProto CAM software.

Deskproto 4.x software and manuals, Tooling Extras, and the mist coolant system.

The Xylotex Control Box

The high-speed spindle I made from a Bosch router, some precision collets, and a K2CNC bracket.

Scads of tooling, a lot of it the precision stuff from and

For pics of the setup (and the lathe) as I was installing it, more pics are at the following link...

On to the next big project...So long, faithful prototyping robot...

John Bear Ross
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