Monday, January 10, 2011

1/100th Scale Destroid Reference

I've been at work on a couple projects that are still under wraps, so I dusted off an old file, and put it to use as a potential 1/100th scale reference.

If, mind you, if you were to build a 1/100th scale Tomahawk Destroid (for personal use only, of course), it would be about 5 inches to the top of its missile launcher. Here's how we get the math...

My main online reference for such things is mainly from Their page on the Tomahawk puts its overall height at 12.7 meters. Translated from metric to 1/100th scale, that factors out neatly to 12.7 cm tall. Divide 12.7 cm by 2.54 centimeters to the inch, and you've got 5 inches in height. Neat and tidy.

The 15mm scale figure next to the mecha is .72 inches tall, and is standing on a penny, the common base for 15mm wargaming. The mecha itself is standing on a 3 inch diameter, 1/8th inch thick base that I digitally whipped up.

This, of course, is for size reference only. The Tomahawk is still someone else's intellectual property, but in the spirit of fair use, I figured it would be a nice bit of eye candy for the ever-conquering forces of 1/100th scale (also known as 15mm scale) to use as a benchmark for their own original designs.

Also shown is a Rebel Minis Martian Walker, which is about 4.5 inches to the top of its cockpit, with its legs drawn in. Many folks mount them with their legs spread in a wide stance, for stability, so heights can vary.

Well, that's all for now. I'm working up a storm for a variety of clients, so keep checking in.

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