Sunday, January 16, 2011

1/100th Scale Destroid Reference, Part 3

Continuing our series of what certain mecha would look like in 1/1ooth scale, here's the Defender/Raidar X/Rifleman, of Macross/Robotech/Battletech fame. This little guy is about 4.5 inches tall on his 1/8th inch base. According to the data on Mahq, he's 11.27 meters tall to the top of his antenna.

Scale him down to 1% of his "real-world" height, and he's 11.3 centimeters in 1/100th scale (we'll round up). 2.54 centimeters to the inch, and his exact height comes out to 4.448 inches, again, about 4.5 inches tall.

The digital model shown above comes up a little short by about .2 inches (sometimes these things get fudged, what can I say). Something would have to be done to bring him up to size from the waist up, while retaining the parts commonality between the other mecha.

This little guy doesn't have a hulking presence, or world-flattening weaponry. It still holds its own, though. Depending on the series you followed, those lasers (or autocannon) packed some punch, even if the armor of the mecha itself didn't hold up very long.

If you were an old school Battletech player, the first thing you would do is charge your RFL-3N Rifleman (I still remember that designation off the top of my head) to the nearest body of water, so you could keep firing those large lasers and discharge your heat sinks into the tiny lake on the hex map. Ah, good times...

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