Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rebel Minis Goodness (Supers, Too!)

Well, I did some weapons for that Continental Talent Supreme, PF (Pierre Francois Jacquet), in trade for the Supers packs now being released by Rebel Minis. I'll do an expose on those weapons later. For now, enjoy what they were exchanged for in trade. What a beautiful set of superhumans, in 15mm no less.

Rebel Mike has also been insane enough to offer two other new packs just before the end of the year, and is silly enough to offer them at 20% off for the next day or so. Checkout code is "Rebel10"

The Black Widows are loaded with conversion potential. Who doesn't love death-dealin' wimminz? Sculpting by the great Bobby Jackson.

The Gov't Types will make for great X-Factor or Men In Black First Contact scenarios, or as independent characters that can be converted as well. Sculpting by the lovurly and talented Martin Baker.

Awesome paint jobs by Jeff Nall of Battle Works Studios, who also does a mean set of 15mm Sci-Fi Terrain.

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