Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Khurasan Garn Cruiser

Here's a little something that I've knocked out for Jon at Khurasan Miniatures. He has decided to branch out into starships, starting with a nice offering from Charles Oines, to represent the Federation faction. I've been commissioned to make the Garn and Pelagic ships.

Here's the Garn Merchant/Warship, a combination of cruiser (Garn don't cruise!) and commercial vessel. Emphasis on the warship part of it.

I'm convinced that the only thing that Garn would sell to unsuspecting planetary populations are barbeque sauces and marinades disguised as medicinal lotions and food supplements. This would make the eventually-conquered planets' citizens that much tastier to the Garn palette. "To Serve Man," and all that... heh.

Anywho, here's a few views of the Garn MerWa, as Jon's expositional blog post tells in more depth...

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