Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Cyber Monday...Go Shopping!

Hey, it's the biggest day of the year, as far as shopping on the internet. Since all of my sculpting and writing clients/associates have strong internet presences, I strongly encourage you to put that mouse to work, and click a few links to purchase what they've got.

Also,, which publishes both the Airship 27 and Thousand Faces writing work I've done, is offering a 25% discount. The code is "CYBER305" at checkout.

Here's the linky links to stuff, in alphabetical order, along with my suggested offerings...

Airship 27 (Secret Agent X Vol:III, discount code CYBER305 )
Comfy Chair Games (My spidermech is still one of my favorite sculpts)
Critical Mass Games (Who doesn't need another platoon of Arc Fleet Walkers?)
Khurasan Miniatures (The Man o'War Grav Tank: great futuristic design, especially the SPA variant)
Rebel Minis (I just got in a platoon of Model 9 Biotroopers, and the new HAMR suit sprues are beautiful)
Thousand Faces (Volume 11, with "Avatar Reborn" in it, discount code CYBER305 )

Well, there you have it. Crass Commercialism, at its best. Make that wallet squeal!

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