Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Art Of Neil Nowatzki

Every once in a while, I'm swamped with work (happily), and can't post about the work due to client requests. So, to keep things moving, I do a "The Art Of..." post, showcasing some of the artists who inspire me, and keep me pushing to do better. So, without further interruption, here's the Artwork of Neil Nowatzki.

Neil Who, you say? If you're not a CAV fan from way back (!), he isn't a household name, to be sure. However, Neil's up there in my book as one of the most talented digital artists I ever had the privilege to work with.

Neil, who also goes by the handle "Blitz," has taken a bit of a breather from prototyping. I continue to hector him, though, and hope someday he'll emerge from retirement and retake his place among the top digital sculptors.

I used to tell folks, "if it has wings, give it to Neil." There was no way I could compete with his original and bold designs. Sounds like a man-crush, I'm sure, but I know talent when I see it, and Neil has it.

The examples of his work I've put up here are mostly from his work on Reaper Miniature's sci-fi game, CAV. From concept, to design, to sculpture and modeling, Neil is the consumate all-around digital and manual artist.

Neil, if you read this, your public awaits! Come back!

John Bear Ross
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