Friday, September 10, 2010

What I Did For My Summer Vacation

Well, this won't be a whining post, like usual. Instead, I'll show off some of the builds I did that made it to production, as well as other projects I've been involved in.

First off is the series of gunboats I did for Khurasan's Garn reptile warriors. They are assigned reptilian codenames by their human opponents. The Alligator is the infantry assault/raider version, while the Crocodile is the heavy fire support, based on the same hull. Outrigger panels can hold 4 penny-mounted Garn troopers each, or a heavy weapons turret that has a few interchangeable weapons. Either way, you're going to love these heavy assault platforms.

Then, there's the Infiltrator bike I did for Rebel Minis. The bike is a futuristic conveyance for Rebel Mike's line of sci-fi Infiltrator troopers. They make great spies, cybernetic agents, downed crewmen, or "programs." Those sockets on each side should make nice weapons mounts.

And finally, there's PF's Supers sculpts. PF is an amazing French artist whose work I can't stop loving. He's a wonderful talent, and I was able to help bring these into production with Rebel Minis. These first line of Supers are unnamed, so far, though Mike is taking suggestions. Great work, PF!

Well, that's all for now. I've got other work going (just sent off some stuff for Critical Mass, and I'll be doing some more work for them as well).

I've added MiniatureReview's blog feed to my sidebar.

As for me, I'm still knocking out some hours, but I'm getting more time to prototype now that my son's back in school. Hope you and yours are doing well, also.

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