Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Where The Hell Have I Been?

Where the hell have I been, you ask?

Here and there. I took a couple weeks off to vacation in the verdant, yet muggy, paradise called Louisiana. I wised up this time, and slathered myself with mosquito repellent twice a day. Not nearly as many bites as last time. We spent time with my wife's family, and celebrated her parents' 40th wedding anniversary.

Having lived in the desert my entire life, you appreciate the term "it's a dry heat" very quickly when you head anywhere near the Gulf Coast. LA is fun, and always a treat to visit, but I'm a born desert rat. You can get used to anything, though, so who knows what the future holds.

I scaled back my sculpting for June, but have a nice number of projects currently working now that it's July. Some work for Rebel, some for Critical Mass, some for Khurasan. I've had to refer a few prospective clients to others, which is not fun, but necessary at times.

What little time I spent sober in Louisiana was used to start outlining a trilogy of novels I've had brewing in my head for a few years. The writing bug is starting to stir inside my head, but sculpting needs to get done before any tappa-tapping on the keyboard takes place. One schizophrenic compulsion at a time.

In the meantime, Comfy Chair Games, for whom I did the Spider, Wolf, Gorilla, and Scorpion Mechs, is making progress on their 6mm Scale wargame, called WildFIRE. Beautiful paintjobs on those spiders, and it's nice to see Mark Mondragon's formidable sculpted weaponry in all its glory. This game is going to kick ass, and I'm glad to have contributed to it.

Well, that's all for now. Updates will start becoming more regular, now that I'm refreshed from my little vacation.

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