Sunday, May 2, 2010

GorillaMech WIP, Pt. 2: The Bulk-Out

Here is the bulk-out for the GorillaMech. These are just for shape and configuration purposes. Not very sexy, but it gives you (and the client) a sense of where things are headed with the build. As you can see, I've arched the back of the beast more, mostly to accomadate the positioning of the fore and back legs in relation to each other.

Some big news here in JBR-Land. I just purchased (well, charged) a new sculpting computer. It's a big, honkin' i7 with 8 gigs of ram and a 1.5 TB hard drive. Good stuff. It's blindingly fast, but 64-bit. Rhino, my program of choice, is 32 bit. There have been some compatibility quirks between the two, so I've had to download the Rhino 5.0 Beta. More on that as I learn it. The last two screen shots are in a new viewing mode called Technical. Pretty cool.

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