Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Khurasan Chewk Drilltank!

The ground beneath your armor begins to shake. Your fellow squadmates look back at you on the fire team's combat display, their eyes just as wide and bewildered. Even the sergeant has an uneasy look on her face. Her armor takes a knee as she shifts her giant carbine to one hand, the other touching the ground instinctively.

The LT's seismic sensors (command always takes the scout package) are going off the chart. His barked orders come out as a squeak as his armor is suddenly perched on a growing mound of earth. His six-ton power suit is vaulted into the air in a spray of flying gravel, sand, and ripped-apart armor. The net explodes in static-pocked bellows of chaos and agony.

Something has come up right in the middle of the skirmish line! It's one of those Chewk Tanks!

Quick, before it deploys that cannon, FIRE!


Forgive the literary license. Just wanted to show off the newest vehicle I've done for Khurasan Miniatures, the Chewk Drilltank. It's a burrowing armored vehicle, capable of carrying Chewk infantry, a cannon on a wheeled carriage, or that same cannon on an articulated boom.

I like the realistic bent (with a bit of sci-fi tweaking, obviously) Jon took with this one. I've been up close and personal with the tunnel boring machine out at Yucca Mountain. This was based on the same design principles. That one's just sitting out on the South Portal, rusting away. This one's on the way to Moddler.

Well, there you go. Enjoy!

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