Monday, March 8, 2010

Shots Of A Painted Hammer Suit, Did Some Welding, and Added Sci-Fi-O-Rama

Rebel Mike has posted up a picture of the Earth Force Hammer Suit, painted up. I love the golden canopy. Reminds me of the F-16 and the Apollo suits. Pure joy. Mike is going to be at Cold Wars, so swing by, and purchase a dozen or two.

Well, Monday, back to the grind after a beautiful weekend of prototyping and sending digital builds out the door.

It wasn't the typical day at work, though. I got some stick time on the arc welder, laying beads of 7018. Ah, the smell of burning human hair.

Also, I've added Sci-Fi-O-Rama to the blog list. Gorgeous stuff on that site, from a wide spectrum of futuristic art. Check it out.

Back to sculpting. Big projects coming up, some I can talk about, most that I can't. Not to worry, I'll still have updates.

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