Friday, March 5, 2010

Been Busy! ScorpionMech Is Done, Pending Approval

I've been knocking out a lot of work lately, which is great. The Rebel Minis hammer suits will be at Cold Wars next weekend, and I've done numerous extra bits for customization sprues that will be released in another wave. Stay tuned for more on that later on.

In the meantime, I've been stretching my aging sculpting computer's capabilities with finishing up the Scorpionmech for Comfy Chair. I finished a tail buzzsaw, a jackhammer stinger, and threw in a couple extra goodies for the Sofa King. A chainsaw bit was done, as well as a 15mm-scale pilot hatch that can be modeled open or closed. The hatch occupies the standard Comfy Chair mech plug, so it can be used on any of the upcoming releases coming out. Also, a pintle-mounted weapon is able to plug into the new cockpit.

I did a separate tail for the Scorpion that is tipped with a weapons hardpoint, in case Bob wants to release a main battle version along with this close combat version.

Well, there she is. Enjoy!

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