Friday, February 26, 2010

Rebel Minis-Titan Marines Hammer Suit!

Here is the Titan Marine Hammer Suit I did for Rebel Minis. It's the next model in a series I'll be doing for Rebel Mike. I think we're on to a good thing, here.

The Titan Marines have a harder, edgier look than the more utilitarian Earth Force suits. They're made for quick, decisive attacks, slashing in from orbit. I created an early-generation energy weapon for this suit (with power cord), and a beautiful vibro-katana, to reflect their neo-samurai philosophy.
Here's the original sketch I did for the Titan Hammer Suit. Some of the design notes came to fruition, others didn't. Mike and I decided to go with a vibro-katana instead of a Gundam-style torch sword. I like the end result.

Well, enjoy! There is a lot more stuff planned for these lines.

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