Friday, February 19, 2010

Rebel Hammer Suit WIP, Pt. 2

So, where were we? About to put the arms on the Rebel Minis Hammer Suit, and finish up detailing, yes? Here goes...

Here is a side shot of the rifle arm. It went on nicely, no muss, no fuss.

After some final detailing, mostly in the rib-cage area, the beast is ready for final approval. Everything is welded together (Boolian Fusing, actually), and a relatively clean STL file is generated.

It's then sent out to John at, and he prints it at an amazing price. Really amazing. I mean, I remember the early days of rapid prototyping when something like this would set you back three or four hundred dollars. John blows the doors off the old days. If you're contemplating getting into the digital sculpting game, you can't beat going with Moddler.

So, here's the print-out shot of the Hammer Suit. It looks great, and the sprues come out nicely. You can even make out the "Rebel" I imprinted on the sprue tabs. I heard back from Mike, and he was overjoyed with the build.

Here's to hoping they sell well, and the gamers and modelers out there are happy.

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