Friday, January 8, 2010

Shapeways Store Opens

There's a site out there called

It's based in the Netherlands, but operates in English. Which is good, since my Dutch is terrible.

Anywho, Shapeways lets creators upload files, list them for sale, and prints and sells them for them. It's like a or other production-on-demand outlet. You start an account, and put data in it. If people like your product, Shapeways creates it, packages it, and ships direct to them. You get a small piece of the action. Very small. But, hey, it's money that you weren't making beforehand, so stop complaining.

My shapeways shop is

I've got a tank for sale there now, and will be adding more as time allows (I'm getting more and more prototyping done for other clients, which is great). Bear in mind, the pricing structure is wacky (this is just a beta site), so the prices will seem a BIT steep for a mere tank.

For beginners, I've uploaded an old tank that I had gathering dust. I rescaled it for 15mm scale, 1/144th, and 6mm scale. Basically, you can purchase one for your Rebel/Khurasan/GZG army, or your CAV/Heavy Gear force, or your Dirtside/NetEpic/Adeptus Titanicus collection.

The prices are a bit high, though, so I don't hold it against you if you start laughing when you see them.

There are advantages, though. Worldwide shipping is included in the price. Inevitably, prices will drop. I can make things without any real concerns about undercuts or other molding issues. Bonus of all bonuses, I don't have to spend weekends running to the post office, sending packages off to all four corners of the Earth.

Well, let me know what you think. I have a few of my own tanks on order, so I'll be posting up a review soon. This is just an experiment. Let's see where it goes together.

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