Saturday, January 9, 2010

New/Old APC Uploaded To Shapeways

This was a companion piece to the Main Battle Tank I uploaded to my little Shapeways outlet. It, too, is an older design, crafted sometime after the first batch of designs I did for CAV, back in the early 2000s. This has been floating around my files for a while, lurking under the name "Brick APC."

It definitely lives up to its name. I decided to call it the M-2046, since the first tank was designated the M-2044A2. Fictional, silly designations, I know, but they give it a bit of pep.

The design is offered in 6mm Scale (1 inch long), 1/144th Scale (2 inches long), and 15mm Scale (2.85 inches long).

The automated pricing process at Shapeways is pretty wacky, so be prepared for some eye-popping prices. Even with a single-digit-percent markup, these things are priced very stiffly. Again, this whole Shapeways thing is an experiment, so bear with me as I stumble through the process. Hopefully prices will come down. We'll see.

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