Saturday, January 23, 2010

Critical Mass Games Scenery Bits Pt. 4

Barring any more client requests, the scenery bits will be ready for prototyping, and sent out to John at on Monday.
This last batch is for the lighting of Kyushu Bay. I guess no one likes to bump into things in the future, so they still have streetlights. I like how the CMG guys have thought of everything, even down to the little details of life that we usually merge into the background.
The streetlight is obvious in form and function. The bollard light is a sort of a combination marker and barrier, about the height of a man. The small bulkhead light will be affixed as an outdoor spotlight to a number of buildings, just like its current-day counterpart.


I'm now off to work on a large Rebel Minis project that I think you'll enjoy. Not too many WIP pictures, I'm afraid, but Mr. Mike over at Rebel has some big releases in mind. Stay tuned!

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