Sunday, January 3, 2010

Blackbird Five Model

About this time last year, I was blogging about knocking out a short novella about Mars McCoy, a neo-pulp fiction story. I enjoyed the work, and have been chomping at the bit as it winds its way to publication.

I recently did a model based on the hero's patrol ship, the Blackbird Five. Again, this is not far-flung science fiction. This is retro in styling, harkening back to an age when computers and atomic bombs were things of fantasy. Thus, the fins, rings, and other styling cues. This model was based on source art by Mark Maddox. is his website. Check it out, especially the Concept Art section. Good stuff.

Also, here are a pair of turntable animations. Click the "loop continuously" button, if you wish, once it downloads.

In other news, I just completed a large Garn vehicle for Khurasan Miniatures, along with the previous Critical Mass hoverbikes which I'm finally getting off my duff and uploading to the client. I'm now in the day shift groove, and with better time management, I'm getting more prototyping done.

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