Monday, August 31, 2009

A Long Night Of Digital Welding

Boolian Fusions. That's what it takes to make two separate objects into one closed polysurface.
In a typical night of putting a build together for the final version, I sit, and wait for the computer to join two parts together, check it, and weld a few more. It's not unlike welding, only mask and cape are not required. Mouse and keyboard: the tools of my digital trade. Less splatter and slag at a desktop. Heh.

Here is the final draft of the Critical Mass Games Scout. It's a very nice piece, but the word "final" can be a bit misleading. Just like a pulp novel's final draft, nothing's really final until it's in your hot little hands. This is subject to approval, but the folks as CMG are very agreeable, and cut me considerable leeway, which is nice. Even if things change, edits can be made with a few more clicks, and we're on the way.

Well, enjoy. I'll send this out to John at, and it will join the APC/Medium Tank in the cleaning tank.

Sun's up. I'm off to bed.

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