Thursday, July 2, 2009

WolfMech Ready For Approval

The Wolfmech is at the stage where it goes for final client approval, in this case, Comfy Chair Miniatures. As you can see, extensive detail work has been put into the build, from rivets to subtle armor reconfigurations.

A pair of new accessories were added as well. One is a turbine or ramjet that bolts to the hip sockets. The other is a scythe, for cutting down the mech's soft-skinned foes. Both are universal bits, in that only one has to be prototyped, and they can serve as either left or right pieces, saving costs.

I'll notify Bob at Comfy Chair Minis that the final pics are ready for review. Based on his input, corrections will be made, or I'll send this off to John V. at

John Bear Ross
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