Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wolfmech Leg Rough

Well, from the initial rough from the prior blog entry, I take the piece apart, and concentrate on rebuilding it one component at a time. Today, it's the foreleg's turn. I like the power that seems to be contained in the arcs of the leg's structure. This is going to be fun to build, I can tell. As I'm sure you're aware, mecha-animals were first done effectively by Tomy's Zoids line of model kits/toys. I grew up with Zoids, and even spent 3 years of my life over in Japan, the promised land of mecha toys, during the mid to late 80's. SO, yes, I love Zoids, and they're a great influence on my work, but don't worry, I won't be ripping them off on this build (or any others).

So, from here, I'll rebuild all the components one by one, and send the images of the "slick" build to the client (in this case, Comfy Chair Games). They'll make suggestions or changes, I'll work those changes out, and then head to final detailing, where the rivets and plating are digitally carved and welded onto the mech. Stay tuned...

John Bear Ross
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