Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tasty WolfMech Goodness

Well, it's 8 in the morning, I've been sculpting since I got home from the real job, and I'm bushed. However, I couldn't stop sculpting, since I love it so. Heh.

This morning's activities were mainly filled with knocking out a hover-skimmer for an unnamed client, and the WolfMech for Comfy Chair Minis. I also readied a set of chopper motorcycles for another client, and they should be hitting the prototyper today, once I drag myself out of bed at the crack of mid-afternoon. Ah, the joys of graveyard shift.

Anywho, here's a few in-progress shots of the Wolfmech. The "rib-cage" area seems a little tubby, so I've already slimmed that down a bit since these screen captures were taken. This design is coming along handsomely, and I think it will make a great addition to Comfy Chair's growing line of multi-scale mechs. The head is especially nice, I think, capturing a mechanical snarl with bared fangs.

I also want to take this chance to throw a little bit of business and appreciation towards John Vegher over at is the link to a new (to me) service bureau based in San Fran. John V. does great work on his Objet printer, and at great rates.

John Bear Ross
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