Monday, April 6, 2009


The Deathbots, my take on the 6mm Android entry in Wargames Factory's Liberty and Union League, are done. Done, as in, done. Done, as in, I'm taking on a lot more 15mm work here soon, and happily.

Here's a pic of the assembled Deathbots...

Front row, left to right...Deathbot Lord, Deathbot Advanced/Elite, Three Different Poses of Standard Deathbots

Second row, left to right...Heavy Deathbot with/shoulder missiles, Heavy Deathbot, Snakebot 1, Snakebot 2

Third Row...Maintenance Bot, Support Skimmer with dual anti-personnel cannons, Support Skimmer with anti-armor cannon.

That's a lot of Deathbot.


John Bear Ross

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