Monday, December 1, 2008

Baby Brother's New Nazi-Smasher

I took my youngest brother, Luke, to the gun store on Saturday. He just turned 20, and is the baby of the family. We've been to the range before, and he's a competent shooter. He had $500 to spend, and thus, we spent accordingly.

I walked him through the surplus rifles on the wall, and suggested a No.4 Mk.1. It was a nice piece, ROF-F manufactured, had a great bore, flip-up ladder sight, and brass buttplate, for $300. Next was ammo. We found 440 rounds of 1950 Mk.7 Radway Green for $155, on strippers, in bandoliers, with can. Nice deal, considering the rarity of finding RG 'round these parts. With a spike bayo, he was out the door with a nice rifle and almost half a case for $523 and change.

I took him to Wallyworld, and bought him a boresnake, a carrier case, and some Rem-oil. We got home, took the weapon down, and I walked him through basic disassembly/assembly and field maintenance, as well as a refresher on the 4 basic rules. It's amazing. Everyone in the gunshop was concerned with the Bushmasters, DPMSs, and Sabres, and ignoring the perfectly good battle rifle that helped smash the Nazis. I'm glad we rescued it. Oh, and my consultant's fee? 1 50-round bandolier, of course!

Overall, a very good day at the gun store.

John Bear Ross
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