Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Assembly Guide For Rebel Minis Animech Wolf

Yesterday, I showed you my technique for assembling the SpiderMech and ScorpionMech from the recent Rebel Minis Animech Kickstarter.

Tonight's fare is a bit easier.  Four legs, not eight.

The WolfMech is rather straight-forward.  Let's get started.

 This was the final printer layout.  The two turret accessories may or may not be in your bag (I haven't seen it in the flesh, yet), but the basic parts list is as follows...
Main Hull, Head, Two Front Legs, Two Rear Legs, and Tail.

The Head attaches to a rounded stud via a socket at the base of the skull.

Likewise, the tail's rounded hollow portion attaches to round stud at the rear of the hips.

Starboard side legs go on via ball and socket.

I designed the larger legs to be mounted up front.  Your choice may vary.

Port side legs attach.

We're done with the basic unit.  He's a handsome doggie.

Weapons hardpoints.  There's one 1/8" socket on the chest.

The top hatch can accommodate any of the RUMV compatible turrets Rebel Minis offers.
Those gun and missile turret stretch goals fit there, as well.

Each of the legs also has a 1/8" female socket for mounting weapons.

The Animechs are now on sale via the Rebel Minis website, so grab a few and head back here to figure out how to piece them together.

Make sure you send me pics.



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