Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Assembling the 15mm Rebel Animech ScorpionMech

Here's a quick and dirty guide to assembling your new ScorpionMech.

It, and its fellow Animechs, are now for sale at the Rebel Miniatures website.

Here's the link-  http://rebelminis.com/animechs.html

There are several other ways, of course, but this seems to be the one that's worked for me on various multi-leg mecha builds.

This same method also works on assembling the legs on the SpiderMech.

Let's get started...

 You're going to need some superglue, your ScorpionMech, and a small ball of clay or play-dough.

 Only your mech looks like this.  Let's get that resolved.

 Here's the basic layout.  Tail, main body, legs, and weapons/accessories.

 First, take your ball of clay and main hull.

 Invert the hull so the thing is belly-up.  Squish the clay into the cavity, but don't obstruct the outer eight sockets.  Those are where the legs go.

 Put the hull and clay back right-side-up.  Adjust the height of the clay on a table or flat surface to the final "ride height" you want the ScorpionMech to be at.

 Take one leg, apply superglue to the ball end...
 ...and scoop it under the hull, inserting it into an empty socket.

 Do this seven more times, and wait for the glue to dry.

 Make sure you spread those legs out at an angle.  This creates a more stable killing machine.

 Once your glue is dry...

...Pop your model off the clay support.  It's served its purpose.

 Now that the hard part is done, time to assemble weapons!  Yay!
You can insert any of the close combat weapon into the socket at the tip of the tail, or a special weapons module that has a number of weapon sockets on it.

 Glue the tail to the main body.  There's a socket and stud arrangement there that should mate up nicely.

 This lip should be on top of the rear of the main hull.

 Now, glue the close combat weapons into the front sockets.  Make sure you use the horizontal sockets.  The vertical sockets can be used for other weaponry, if you wish.

 There's your basic close-combat ScorpionMech.  Congrats!

 That double gatling bit, or any other number of RUMV compatible weapons, can be mounted in the chin mount.

 Pretty nifty, eh?

There's a lot you can do with the ScorpionMech.  That crew hatch on the rear is compatible with RUMV turrets, if you wish.  Here you can also see the weapon tail mount, complete with present and future weapon bits.

The Animechs were designed with modularity in mind.  Dive deep into those bitz boxes, and come up with some cool combos.


Edit to add:

I mention the tail weapons mount, but don't show it until the final pic.  Here's the details...

 Assemble the desired weapons on the tail weapons mount.  The hard, armored side should be up on top.

There's a ball stud at a diagonal angle at the rear of the mount.  This mates to the tail socket.
Don't use the one that's looking forward, like a sensor eye.

Here's how the completed tail weapons unit looks.  Distance weaponry up top, ankle slicers on the bottom.  Vereh nasty.

Again, they're now on sale, so pick some up, and then come back and here figure out how to put them together.


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