Saturday, December 12, 2015

My 1995 Rejection Letter From Palladium Books

Long ago and far away, I was young, beautiful, and idealistic.  ;)

I grew up on Rifts and Robotech, and thought that the Palladium rules system could be streamlined and turned into a fast-paced minis game.

I wrote to Palladium Books with an enquiry.  They wrote back a very polite letter, saying thanks, but no.

 C'est la vie.  Things worked out, eventually.  They always do.
Here's one part of the proposal.  A Gladiator ventilating a battle pod.

Ah, memories...


Edit to add:  I blogged about this in 2013.  Damn.  I must be losing my mind.  Welp, back to sculpting, and waiting for the nice men in white coats to bring me a straight jacket.  And pudding.

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