Saturday, November 28, 2015

Critical Mass Games Vanguard Support Mecha Assembly Guide

The Vanguard is the third of the Mercenary Mecha I did for Critical Mass Games.

The first two, the Ravager and the Blackguard, laid down the template for the Vanguard to follow.

Most, if not all, parts can interchange between the three mecha types, including legs, hulls, shoulders, and weapons.  We'll feature some of that customization later.

For now, here are a couple painted examples of completed Vanguards.  They are sold in single units and platoons of three.

On to the colour-coded assembly guide...
 As before, the parts are arrayed (mostly) according to their attachment methods.

 The Vanguard comes with one of three possible leg poses.  These can interchange with the Ravager or Blackguard, if you wish.

 The main hull mounts to a socket in the hips.

 The Vanguard comes with small, hull-mounted weapons that are unique to this model.  A missile rack faceplate, dual machineguns, or a single-barrel mini grenade launcher fit into special slots in the Vanguard's torso.
 Here's how those weapons should sit in mounted to the main hull.  The side weapons are reversible.

 The weapons backpack fits over a large plug on the rear of the main hull.

 Don't glue these Vanguard Railguns on just yet.  You're going to want to test-fit them for when... put the Vanguard's upper arms into their shoulder sockets.  Make sure everything fits without colliding before gluing.
 Here is an example of the angles that will provide clearance.

 The Ion Lance cannons fit via ball and socket to the bottom of the shoulders.

 And that's how you make a death-dealing Vanguard Fire Support Mecha.  He's positively bristling with ornery energy weaponry.  I like.

Now let's play with some shiny toys from the CMG Mecha Workshop.

 If we swap out the Vanguard's shoulders for the Ravager/Blackguard shoulder units, swap out the pack-mounted Vanguard Railguns for Arc Fleet Chin Double Gatlings, we get this suppressive fire monster.

This variant can pour fire from the top-mounted railguns, but also deal with close-in threats with the addition of a Ravager Claw, Buzz Saw, and all three weapons from the Bolt-On Weapons Pack.

This variant keeps the railguns, too, but swaps out one shoulder for a Ygs upper arm, and a pair of 8-pack missile launchers.

This fellow I call "The Grenadier."  Both chest weapons are the small single-barrel grenade launchers from the Vanguard Chest Weapons set.

Double double grenade launchers from the Bolt-On Weapons Pack occupy the hardpoints on the weapons backpack. 

Two Mecha Grenade Launchers are on the 1/8" ball/socket mounts.  This guy was made for pouring indirect fire on his enemies, both seen and unseen!

Give the Grenadier a Ygs Fubaar arm, and now he can hammer flat anyone who gets too close.

Substitute the original Vanguard Railguns for the double suppressive grenade launchers, and this Vanguard variant can deal with pretty much anything on the battlefield.

Well, that's the Vanguard Assembly Guide.  Hope you enjoyed it.

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