Friday, November 27, 2015

Critical Mass Games Ravager Assault Mecha Assembly Guide

Here's the second in a new set of posts, designed to help you put together a basic Ravager Assault Mecha from Critical Mass Games.

It will also guide you through customizing your champions/characters/personality mecha via the large number of optional bits in the CMG Mecha Workshop.

Ravagers are sold in single units, or in platoons of three.

First, for the basic assembly.

CMG's beautiful paint jobs from their website start the show on how the completed examples can look.

Here are a pair of lovely pics.

As before on the Arc Fleet Walker guide, I'll use the following colored digital pieces to help illustrate the assembly and customization process.  They're colour-coded, mainly in regards to their attachment points.
 The Ravager comes with one of three random pairs of legs.

 Sprued together are four jump jets, shown in green.
 These jump jets attach to small index points on the legs.

 The Ravager's jump pack fits over the rear of the main hull.

 The main hull assembly fits into a socket in the waist of the legs.

 The shoulders attach via the CMG accessory peg system into their shoulder sockets.

 The heavy mecha flamer and combat claw fit into the shoulders via the 1/8" ball and socket arrangement, giving you a lot of poseability and modularity with other bits.

 There's your standard Ravager, ready to tear enemies apart in close combat, and hose them down in flames as it jumps away to the next target!

 On to customization using various bits from the Mecha Workshop...
 If you wish, you can order the Bolt-On Arm Weapons.  These use a hybrid peg system that lets them fit in both CMG peg accessory sockets and 1/8" ball/socket joints.  The Ravager Claw has a socket on each side, co-located in the elbow joint.

 That there is a nasty fistful of fun.
 Let's swap out the mecha flamer for a Zas Mecha Grenade Launcher.  That will give him some up-close thumping power.
 We'll swap out the standard Ravager Jetpack for what's officially called Mecha Jetpack 2, but which is secretly reverse-engineered from captured Astagar mecha technology.
 The jump jets on the top of the thighs have also been moved to optional mounting points on the outside of the lower legs.  If you wanted a super-maneuverable mecha, you could mount jets on all six mounting points.
I wanted to give this particular Ravager a little bit of flash, to distinguish him on the battlefield, so I added a single shoulder bit from the Vanguard mechaThis bit is sold in pairs, and is compatible with all CMG mecha shoulder attachment points.

Hope you enjoyed this brief assembly and customization guide.  The Blackguard Assault Mecha is next.

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