Friday, November 27, 2015

Critical Mass Games Arc Fleet Walker Assembly Guide

I make a lot of parts for my clients.

So many, in fact, that it is easy to confuse the end user with the flood of mecha goodness.

So, here's the first in a series of posts to show how to assemble the mecha I make for Critical Mass Games, starting with the Arc Fleet Walker and its many variants.


Here are some of the basic parts, and a legend to explain the colours (hey, it's a UK company).  Gray for hull,  Green is for parts that are unique to that particular model (and won't generally interchange with other mecha), Light Blue is for parts like shoulder and weapons that use the CMG Accessory Peg, Red is for parts that mount using the 1/8" ball and socket system, Gold is for weapons that can mount on both peg and ball/socket connections, and Magenta is for backpacks.

On to basic assembly of a Arc Fleet Scout Combat Walker...

 Mount the crew hatch and pintle weapon on the top of the main hull.
 Assemble the legs, feet, and hips in the desired pose.
 Mount the hull to the legs.
 You have a choice of three chin weapons.
 Here are the three possible versions of the Arc Fleet Scout Combat Walker.  You can buy them in singles, or by the platoon.

On to the Arc Fleet Support Combat Walker.
 Follow the same assembly steps for the Scout Combat Walker above, and then choose your weapons that were included with the support version.

The dual gatling chin weapons aren't a factory-available option, but you might have other bits left over from previous builds, so I included them in the pictorial.

 Here is the Support version with dual quad missile launchers.
 Here is the Support version with dual wing gauss cannons.

 Here is the Support version with dual hybrid gauss cannons and double missile launchers.

 Here is a possible variant, again, not factory-standard, that you can create if you order a platoon of walkers and have one pilot hog all the double gatling chin weapons.  ;)

This quartermaster's nightmare was inspired by one of Vulture's amazing stop action videos.

 Now, on to the Advance models, namely the Hydra, Furyan, and Valkyrie.

The Hydra starts with the same basic build as the Scout Walker.  A pair of "wing" shoulder hardpoints mount to the sides of the hull.  These have 1/8" ball sockets on their undersides.
A pair of Twin Autocannons mount to these sockets via a 1/8" ball mount.  This gives you some elevation and traverse in the final pose, as well as modularity, since this is a common mounting point among many builds I've done for CMG (and Rebel, incidentally).

 Here is the completed Arc Fleet Advance Combat Walker-Hydra VariantSingles and Platoons available.

Furyan and Valkyrie models start with the basic Scout Walker build, but with the addition of new booster parts.

 A large anti-gravity pod hooks on to the back deck of the Walker's main hull.  A pair of jump jets slide into recesses on the lower rear of the main hull.  These parts are unique to the Arc Fleet, and I wanted to tie their design to the same a-grav units under Arc Fleet tanks and APCs.
 Here's your Advance parts on the basic hull.
 Add a pair of wing shoulder mounts, so you can add new cannons.
 You have your choice, when purchasing, of the Furyan or Valkyrie models.
Here is the Furyan model, with its dual AF Energy Cannons.  Available in singles, or platoons.
Here is the Valkyrie model, with dual AF Railguns.  Available in singles, or platoons.

Of course, you can also play around with the plethora of options available through CMG's Mecha Workshop.

It's a playground of mecha goodness.

 This Arc Fleet Advance variant, nicknamed "Don't-Let-First-Sergeant-Catch-You-With-Those-Unauthorized-Mods," sports a Mecha Energy Cannon, a nasty Buzz Saw, and an accessory suppressive weapon from the Bolt-On Arm Weapons pack,which fit in the hinge joints and accessory sockets of many parts, particularly the fire support backpacks and close combat weapons.

  This variant I call the "Hive-Buster," ideal for punching through hardened chitin armor and torching unhatched egg sac clusters when fighting bestial biological menaces.

It has a plasma cannon from the Blackguard Zas mecha, and a heavy mecha flamer from a Ravager Zas mecha.

While the Arc Fleet and Zas are sworn enemies, I'm sure there are parts that have fallen into enemy hands on both sides.  A crafty repair tech can tailor the weapons load to suit the mission.

Well, that's the first of a few upcoming posts.  Coming soon will be the Ravager, Blackguard, Vanguard, Guardsman, and Gunman.  Maybe even a Volos or two.  ;)

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