Saturday, October 17, 2015

So, The Scourge Need A HAMR Suit...

Rebel Mike entertains my occasional squirrely notions.

One of those notions was that the Scourge, his line of 15mm Deathbots, don't have a big brother to lay down anti-armor fire support (they do have heavy weapons, though) or claw the pilots out of the cockpits of enemy HAMR suits.

So, I whipped one up.

Edit to Add:  Well, I whipped one up a long time ago.  Here's a sketch from this old Sketchbook post, back in 2013...

As you can see, the design has evolved since then.  The shoulder missiles will probably still happen, though, along with a few variant heads, if Mike wants them (I tend to drown him in parts).

First and Second detail passes.  More to come.


P.S.  Bonus Pic.
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