Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Few Old Sketchbook Shots

I've done a lot of designs.


Graph paper and I are old friends.

Here's a few design sketches from the last few years (and decades, in some cases).

Some stuff is on a list to get made, some stuff will never see the light of day, and others have been cannibalized into other designs.

 I like fantasy pushed into the realm of science fiction.  These are Dwarf power suits, or mini mechs.

 These are the Elven counterparts to the Dwarf power suits.

 This is a Neo-Soviet style power suit.  I've done the Kalashnikov style main gun before on other mechs.  The Hammer and Sickle for command or close combat variants would have been neat.

 This was a design for a forum member over on Mil-Net, whose name escapes me.  This was a Special Operations CAV, or SOC.  It was to be a private design for that individual, but was never made.  It also violated one of the prime design laws in CAV (at the time) that no mechs could have hands or close combat weapons.  Still, I liked it.

 This was a design I whipped up for Rebel Minis, when we were brainstorming for a Scourge equivalent for the HAMR suits.

 This was to be the Earth response to the Martian Walkers I did for Rebel.

 This is a nice gem.  These were my attempt to blend 28mm scale figs into 15mm warfare.  Just call them Giants, genetically altered for high-grav environments, or some other convenient reason.

The designs are a combination of several different fictional works I've been tinkering with for decades.  I like how the pilot is enclosed in the torso of the heavier armors in a kneeling position.

These were "sprue plates" of armor.  They would come in squares, and you could snap off or cut off the sections you wanted to use on your post-apocalyptic vehicles.  These have already been worked up, and are going to be printed in due time for Rebel.

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