Saturday, May 10, 2014

Wizkids Daishi for Mechwarrior: Dark Age

I did a few builds for Wizkids, back in the day (2006, I believe), when Mechwarrior: Dark Age was in full swing.

One, the Carnivore tank, I blogged about back in 2011, when the original artwork by Dave White went up for sale.

Another was the Daishi, one of the larger assault mechs.  Here's the original concept art I was given to work off.

My art director, Vic Bonilla, was great to work with.  Wizkids wanted their approval/in-progress pics to be in rendered in a specific yellow, since their process at the time involved prototypes recast in gypsum.

Here are the shaded renders.

 Here are the same shaded renders, but with exterior lines turned on, to show detail.

This can be confusing, sometimes, and can fool sculptors and clients into thinking there's more detailing and paneling than has actually been carved/sculpted/etc.

Thus, I now try and leave it out in production/approval renders.

 Same model, just with my current render settings.
 Here's a production Daishi.

And here's when it was included in a four-mech box set.

There was also a Widowmaker unique variant in black and red.

I don't believe my version found much favor among purists.
No worries.  These things happen, and you can't win them all.
The check sure was nice, though!  ;)

That's just a little trip down memory lane.  Back to sculpting.

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