Monday, March 7, 2011

David White's Original Artwork Up On Ebay

David White, mechamaster supreme, is putting some originals up for auction. Among the offerings is the Carnivore tank, as pictured above for a Technical Readout.

I did a little bit of work for Wizkids during the Mechwarrior: Dark Age era. I did a VTOL, a hover AFV, the Daishi assault mech, the Nyx, and the Carnivore. Vic Bonilla was a great art director to work for, and I enjoyed my little contribution to the Battletech-verse.

So, anywho, to piggyback on Dave's auction, and give you a little background on the tank (they seem to have added as second barrel to the turret somewhere along the line) here's a source art pic I got to work from Vic (done by Mr. Bonilla, himself, too!). The initial source art and working title for the project were "Wolf Tank," but later changed to Carnivore...

Here's a few screen shots of what I sent off, in-progress.

The yellow screen shots were client requirements (they wanted to see how it would come out from initial prototyping, and that matched the material they were using). The blue screen shots were for clarity sake on my part, since the yellow made my eyes burn (figuratively).

Here are some finalized pics, after the last wave of detailing...

Here's a picture of the production model. Not too shabby, considering the scale and production material...

Well, that's it. Check out some of David's blog and main site as well. Great stuff. He and I need to get together on a project or two.

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