Sunday, October 13, 2013

Some New Legs For The Dictator Rework

Okay, just a little more piddling around with the rework of the Dictator CAV.  This is an unasked-for mod, so it's not canon, or a future project.  Just something to do inbetween commissioned sculpts.

The last post I did, a few months ago, left off with some cantilevered femurs that really didn't look too great. 

I've done some new ones up, along with the rest of the legs. 

They're not 100% where I want them to be, but they're a bit better than the previous examples.

So here are a few new views of those legs.

Another problem that I've had with my previous versions of the Dictator was getting two pilots to reasonably fit in the main hull and still have a view through the cockpit glass.
 So, I extracted the surfaces that compose the cockpit glass, went into Object Properties, and made them gold in color, and about 50% transparent.  About the same affect as when you look at fighter jet cockpits at a certain angle.

One of the digital tools I use is a "Waldo," or a reference figure to make sure things are proportionate, or are able to be manned by a human.  One of my Waldos is a seated figure, fused into an ejection seat, with a limited set of controls.  A pair of these Cockpit Waldos can now fit in the main hull, and both see out the windows.

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