Sunday, June 30, 2013

Unauthorized Mods, Part 6

"What the Hell?" or "Sacrilege!" are probably going to come out of your mouth when you see the pics.  Those legs sure have changed since the last update!

I want you to stick with me, though.  The changes in leg structure have a purpose.

Let's look at a few quick digital rough-ins...

That was the basic walk-around.  Now let's take a close look at those legs...

 Seems normal enough.  Weird, cantilevered femur, sure, but normal.  But when the pilot pushes that shiny red button...
So THAT'S why they look like a shock strut, huh?  ;)

There are going to be hidden goodies inside that revealed space, giving the new mech enhanced abilities.

Stay tuned.  It won't stay this ugly for long, trust me.


PS, as always, the Dictator CAV is Reaper Miniatures' property.  This is a skill-building exercise on my part, and not associated with the current product line.
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