Wednesday, October 23, 2013

15mm DreamForge Leviathans Arrive

I got home from the gym today to find a nice big box from Utah.

Wargames Factory was on the return address, so I knew my 15mm Leviathans from Mark Mondragon had arrived.

My family was quickly ignored, and I rushed inside to my early Christmas present.

I opened everything up, and was pleasantly surprised to see the inclusion of a 28mm figure.  I didn't know that was in my level of pledge, but it's a beautifully done piece.

So, on to the unboxing...

 The box.

 The box, carefully cut open with my car keys.  Yes, I was that eager to open it.

 Contents of said box.  3 15mm Leviathans, and an extra 28mm fig sprue.

 Contents of one of the Leviathan boxes, once the cellophane wrapper is gouged off with my car keys.

I dig how the sprues stack inside the box.  No parts broken off and rattling around due to shipping damage.

I break out the Kramer's Krusher for scale.  That's a converted warjack, repurposed as a 15mm mech.

Kramer's Krusher, in front of the stack o' sprues.

Sprues laid out, and chicken quesadilla waiting to be devoured.

All in all, a gorgeous kit, and probably a new chapter in the arms race to build bigger and better mecha.  God help us all.

Great job, Mark.

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