Saturday, February 27, 2010

Warjack Converted To 15mm Scale Heavy Hammer Suit

I've been doing a lot of time in this chair, pushing electrons around to make some digital sculpts. I had an idea after a conversation last week with a client, however, and this vision of a mercenary power armor pilot came to me. The back story of the piece is that it is the resurrected shell of a knocked-out mystic-powered armor the pilot found. She cobbled together the mech from various bits, found throughout the multiverse, and put them to work inside the old golem's shell. The composite beast was wired, rearmored, and armed to deal with whatever waited for it on the other side of the next Worldgate.

I've always liked the look of the Privateer Press game Warmachine. 28mm and steam power aren't exactly my thing, though, so I decided to buy one I liked, and convert it to 15mm scale. Most of the warjacks are a bit top-heavy in appearance, some exceedingly so, but I liked the proportions of the Mercenary Nomad warjack.

The Nomad is out of production, so I found one on Ebay. I dove into my bits box, and made extensive use of parts from past clients, along with other bits I had. There are bits from Reaper's CAV, Rebel Minis, Critical Mass, Dream Pod Nine, end even a length of track from an M-1 Abrams.

I used my belt sander, some Magic Sculpt, some brown stuff, and a bit of imagination to create this bad mamma-jamma. A thick, nicely-beveled machine washer was added under the torso as a spacer. The rear plate off an old heavy gear was added as a butt plate. A section of 15mm scale Abrams track was pressed into service as a combination of belly armor, loin cloth, and battle trophy. It adds a touch of character to the build.

The stock head was ditched. I didn't know from the manufacturer's photos that it was so "beaky." So, after much puttying and fussing, I decided on a simple cyclops look. It still didn't look right, so I added a shield from a power armor prototype as a cowl.

The main gun is a combo of a Reaper Katana CAV's particle beam cannon, with a CMG walker's gatling as a co-axial weapon. Nothing worked as a manipulator hand on the weapon arm, so I left it blank, and created a vent/radiator for the main gun.

A DP9 Jovian Chronicles mech sacrificed its main body to be the new power plant.
The sword is stock, except for an overlay of Magic Sculpt and a snipped-off bit from a heavy gear. I wanted the backstory to reflect the conversion of the old magic weapon to a high-frequency techno-blade.
An ECM/targeting pod was added over the right shoulder.

After a whole lot of cursing, sanding, filing, and puttying, the thing finally went together. Overall height is about 2.3 inches, or about 20 feet in 15mm scale. This thing is death on legs, and will make a great champion or leader of a warband of armored mercenaries I have planned.

More ScorpionMech stuff tonight.

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