Sunday, September 15, 2013

Khurasan Launches Starship Product Line

A number of years ago, I did Cold Navy for Mike Hardy at Xtreme Hobbies.  The line is now available through Ravenstar Studios.

I didn't touch starships for years after that, mostly due to 15mm ground warfare lines taking off, and my attention was drawn to mechs, tanks, VTOLs, and such.

In those fast and furious days of 15mm madness, Khurasan Jon also asked for a pair of starships for his alien races, the Pelagic Dominate (an alliance of aquatic aliens) and the Garn Confederation (a predatory reptilian race).

The Pelagic cruiser was envisioned as a whale-like ship, with design traits from the line of anti-gravity fightertanks I had done previously for Jon.  The look was sleek, powerful, and foreboding.  Rows and rows of missiles on the top/dorsal surfaces, and large directed energy weapons on the lower bow.

 The Garn merchant cruiser was previewed on this blog post, but Jon asked me to keep the wraps on the Benthic cruiser, since there were other products in the queue ahead of them.

Well, their day has come.  Khurasan has now revealed his starships, two by me, the other by the lovely and talented Charles Oines.  Click here for the link.

You can follow the debut and discussion/feedback thread here, on TMP.


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