Saturday, May 4, 2013

New Mercenary Mech For Critical Mass Games, Part 3: Chopsaw!

On the sci-fi battlefield, I now give you the means to win every argument in close combat:


Because, "Chopsaw," that's "why."


 It's a nasty piece of work, patterned, obviously, off the combat claw that I did for the CMG Ravager.  A few folks didn't like the combat claw, presumably because it didn't inspire enough fear in their enemies.  Hopefully this will satisfy their heathen bloodlust.

Here is the chopsaw, fitted to the New Merc Mech.

 And, because I can't help it, I put the Arc Fleet Walker's Double Gatling in the modular weapons point I made in the elbow.

It's a bit oversized, but that's to be expected, using an older bit for a new purpose.  Sometimes things won't always fit.

New weapons bits have been sculpted that are smaller, and more size-appropriate for this and other applications, based on reworks of the Zas Drone weapons.

This is the third part in the WIP series in building the Critical Mass New Merc Mech.  Here's the links to parts one and two.

Coming soon: Chest weaponry.


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