Friday, May 3, 2013

New Mercenary Mech For Critical Mass Games, Part 2

So, this is part 2 of a Work In Progress blog series detailing the development of a new Mercenary Mech for Critical Mass Games.

Like I explained in the kick-off post, everything you see here is meant to be able to fit and interchange with a pair of mechs I did for CMG called the Ravager and Blackguard.

In the above pic, you can see the new merc mech with the Zas heavy grenade cannon, which was one of the stretch goals from the Zas Kickstarter effort.  The other cannon is a laser with a cooling jacket on it.

 Here's a back view of the jacket-cooled laser.  There's a lot of pipes and conduits there, showing a mid-level technology that has created portable energy weapons, but hasn't perfected them.

The nice thing about the CMG mechs I've made is that the elbows are pretty much the same across the entire line, including parts I've made for the Ygs and Astagar mercenary mechs.  Here, the new merc mech has a Ygs energy-bladed sword, and an Astagar power claw.  An Astagar weapons mount sits atop its jetpack, and the missile pods I made for the Zas Blackguard are fitted.

Here are a few more shots of that Ygs/Astagar/Zas weapon combination.  Very nice, I think.

 Now, some mix-and-match shots.  The New Merc Mech pilot has re-attached the Zas grenade launcher.

The pilot to his left, in the Ravager variant, has a plasma cannon from a Blackguard, and an Astagar Volos power claw.  A pair of heavy anti-armor missiles (in dark grey) are mounted to a Volos weapon pylon. 

 Here's a rear view of that arrangment.

 Now, the two mechs have exchanged jet packs and top-deck weapon mounts.  The Ravager now wears a new-type jet pack, while the New Merc Mech is equipped with the Ravager's mobility unit.

And in this view, I've stripped the top weapons to clear up the over-accessorization of the mechs.  Cleaner, simpler, less delving into the digital bits box.

Stay tuned for more. 

We start adding more and more bits, including a nasty little chopsaw, to the New Merc Mech's inventory.

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