Tuesday, September 25, 2012

2012 Miniatures Exchange: Five Fabulously Flocked Figs From Mr. Harold

I recently participated in a Minis Exchange, where folks coordinate through an online forum to paint minis, and trade them with other folks.  It was a fun experience.

I was paired up with Mr. Harold.  I sent him a Desert HAMR suit, and received in kind five awesome power armored troops with simple-yet-effective terrain features incorporated into their bases.

The figs from Mr. Harold are dark green and black in overall paint scheme, with light grey helmets.

They are based on US pennies, and are flocked with a hybrid urban/grass theme.  They look they they are in the midst of a surburban war zone, stepping from the curb into the street to discharge plasma bolts into enemy tanks at point blank range.  Very cool!

The figures themselves are the PF-sculpted power armors offered by Khurasan Minis (Product code TTC-1004).  You can find them listed under the Federal Marines, just under the equally-impressive Mondragon-sculpted L-HAC cyborg/mech.

To see more of the painted entries, click here to go to The Miniatures Page picture thread.

Hope you enjoyed this.  I know I did.  Most Importantly:  Thanks, Harold!


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