Wednesday, September 19, 2012

2012 Miniatures Exchange Entry, WIP Part 3

So, let's conclude this quicky WIP series of posts on the painting of a Titan HAMR suit for the 2012 TMP Miniatures Exchange.

The Exchange is a yearly event where volunteers paint up a squad or vehicle for another participant, and the minis are exchanged.  I missed out on last year's, and decided to get in on this one.

Here's Post One.  And Post Two.

On to flocking the base, which is another way of saying, "Giving it a bit of texture to simulate the terrain upon which the mini is standing."  

I wanted to make this a desert warrior HAMR, not just a tan HAMR standing on a black piece of soil, so I laid down a base coat of the same tan paint with which I had done the mini's base coat.  

After that coat of paint dried, I brushed on a generous amount of glue to the base, and rushed outside.  I grabbed a fistful of fine Pahrump poof-dirt (we sit on a dry lake bed, and the alluvial silt is very fine).  Hurriedly, I gobbed the dirt onto the drying glue, giving the base a semi-realistic 3D affect.

 After the flocking came the final detail pass.  I picked out raised details that looked like sensors or lenses with green and red.  I think I even put some blue in there.  A red stripe was painted on the panel running down the middle of the spiked shoulder pads, just to stand out from the tan base coat.  A few bits of grey and silver here and there, a final coat of gold for the canopy, and he was done.

I laid a coat of matte clear varnish over him, sealing in the details (and darkening the Pahrump poof-dirt, as you can see from the photos;  it dried out later).

Here is the Desert HAMR, side by side with the Asteroid Belt Pirate Hunter HAMR.  I like how the new guy came out.  Hopefully Mr. Harold does as well.

Well, that's what I've got for now.  I will take some pics of my newly-received squad of power armor (also from Mr. Harold) in the coming days.

Also, please note that I've added Harold's blog, ClearHorizon Miniatures Blog, to my sidebar.  He's got a lot of interesting 15mm scale projects going on there.  Great stuff.

UPDATE:  Harold put up his own pics of the Desert HAMR on his blog.  Here's the direct link.

To buy a Titan HAMR suit (one of my favorite sculpts), head over to Rebel Miniatures site, or click here for the specific link.  The majority of this build was a Mk.1 Titan Marine HAMR suit, but I also added a weapon bit from a Mk.II Titan HAMR.

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