Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rebel Minis: Buy It Cheap, Stack It Deep

Rebel Mike is offering 20% off all stock. That means you basically buy four of something, and get the fifth free. Can't beat that with a stick, if I do say so myself. Which I do.

It's a good chance to stock up on Saber VTOLs, Titan Marine HAMR suits, Comanches, Model Nine Troopers, and all the other stuff into which I've poured gallons of brainsweat.

The Code is: Summer

Also, here's (my) reveal of the WildCAT and TomCAT unmanned armor systems. The Wildcat is what I called a Tankbuster, able to snip and pry tanks apart with its claws, or blow them to smithereens with its rockets. The Tomcat is the all-around combat unit, supremely customizable. You can choose an standard infantry, close combat, or a combination weapons loadout. Very nice.

The beauty of the design is the modularity. You can mix and match parts between the two classifications, and they were made with flexibility of use in mind. They can be 15mm drones. Or power armor. Or assault cyborgs. Or as N-scale light mechs. Or 6mm scale cruiser-weight mechs. A very open-ended design that should enable the end-user to conform them to his or her needs. These were definitely a joy to sculpt.

Here's the Rebel Minis Blog Post announcing them. Gives a little bit of fluff and background, and a few screen captures through the approval process.

Here's a previous workup on them I did a while back.

As you can see, they've been in development for a while now. It's good to see them hit the market, especially at such a good time to buy.

Remember the code at checkout: Summer

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